Feedback from one of our valued customers in France ....... merci Valérie ! July 5, 2017 12:39 1 Comment


" écoutez on est ravi léger pour le pousseurs et confortable pour l'enfant qui est installé dedans c'est vraiment très bien. Un revendeur de matériel est venu à la maison pour nous apporter du matériel je lui ai montré il ne connaissait pas il a trouvé ça génial. Merci encore pour tout bon week-end Cordialement "

Spring time is time for Wike ! May 15, 2017 02:47


Time to get the WIke "Special Needs" Trailer ready for another   season of bicycling fun!

Happy Holidays to One and All !! December 28, 2016 18:31

Best Holiday Wishes from Wike in Europe !

We Visit the New "WIKE" Factory in Canada !! October 30, 2016 18:45


We recently had the privilege of touring the new and expanded Wike factory in Guelph.




The new facility is much improved with spacious work areas and greater inventory and materials storage capability. 




As always, when visiting Wike, one feels as if one is visiting a family rather than simply another workplace.


Bob Bell and Anna Shaftoe, the leading spirits in the Wike family! 


We also witnessed the latest in an exciting new product in development at Wike (details about which will be shown in a later post).

Wike continues its winning product and design philosophy and since January 2015, we're proud to be the distributor for Wike in the European Union .



The Versatility of WIKE ! August 30, 2016 14:17

The Wike Large "special needs" bicycle trailer is light and sturdy, making it easy to maneuver and nimble for its size. With an impressive load capacity and special features, this versatile trailer is equally suited for both work and play. Whether it be an ambitious excursion cross country or a simple trip about town, Wike is ready when you are.

Arriving in style by Wike at your favourite hotel ....

Arriving by Wike at your favourite hotel ...

"Wiking" to work ! 

"Wiking" to work ! 

Dropping by for a cup o' tea with your Wike is very nice  !

"Wiking" by for a cup o' tea is very nice !

More Wike products are now available on our site ! May 25, 2016 19:34

In addition to our "Special Needs" trailers, we've added an assortment of various other Wike products, ranging from "Child" trailers, to "Sport" trailers and "Cargo" trailers. All special and unique, but all sharing the same "Wike" quality construction and design. 


Upcoming Product at Wike! February 29, 2016 14:34

This is an innovative advance in bicycle technology - combining quality and versatility like never before.


Stroller easily converts into bicycle

Perfect for deliver the mail or a baby!

Posted by Future X - The Future Is Now on Friday, February 19, 2016


Wike for Valentine's Day ? February 12, 2016 18:49

Show you care and "Wike" your way into their heart. A Wike "Special Needs" bicycle trailer is truly a way to show you care. Let no one be left behind in the active lifestyle !!

Connect to Us Via Facebook January 21, 2016 18:12

You can now see our products and access our store directly from our facebook page !!

We invite everyone to connect and like our page. Share us with your friends and help spread the message of Wike and its active lifestyle option for the disabled.


Happy 2016 !!! January 1, 2016 14:57

Wike wishes everyone a wonderful New Year ! Watch for more WIKE trailers to be sold in Europe and don't hesitate to learn more about all the great products at WIKE. Let's make 2016 a special year for the "special needs" trailers!


Season's Greetings December 21, 2015 14:52


Best holiday wishes to all our customers and visitors alike ! While the biking season might be over for many, even winter can still mean opportunities for stalwart biking enthusiasts. Drive with caution and watch out for Santa !