Wike Economy Bicycle Trailer


This is a quality cargo trailer at an affordable price and represents a great value. The Wike Economy Cargo is the perfect balance of affordability and quality and is built to last. Produced in our factory in Canada, it features precision ground bearings and quality rims and tires which make towing effortless. There are six holes in the platform to accept hooks to tie down your cargo with bungee cords or straps (not provided)


  • Weight in lbs. - 5.2 kg (11.5 lbs)
  • Body/Overall Length - 81.3 cm x 114.3 cm (32"/45")
  • Capacity - 22.7 kg (50 lbs.)
  • Frame - Aluminum
  • Floor - 1/16 Polyethylene
  • Wheels - 40.6 cm (16") precision plastic quick release
  • Platform Base Size -   39.4 cm x 66 cm (15.5" x 26")

For more information visit wike.ca

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