Wike Kayak Trailer


Our Kayak trailer allows you to pull your kayak or sail/surf boards with your bicycle. Your boat or board must have a bow handle, bow ring or bowline to use our “Smart Stick” towing assembly . Trailer consists of two components: first the “Smart Stick” connects the front of your boat with a hitch to the bicycle seat post, second the two wheeled cart the supports the boat. The kart fits under your kayak and has two folding padded supports. Our ultra-light design is made of aluminum and 40.6 cm (16”) bicycle wheels which can be quickly removed for storage. The Kayak trailer is built entirely in our Guelph Canada factory. It can also be used as a portage cart for canoes. 


  • Weight - 4.1 kg. (9 lbs.)
  • Capacity -  31.7 kg. (70 lbs.)
  • Frame - Aluminum
  • Wheels - 40.6 cm (16") precision plastic quick release
  • Platform Base Size - 61 cm x 71.1 cm (24" x 28")

For further information visit wike.ca

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